Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Vicious by Olivia Rivard

2 "I Tried So Hard" Stars

Back Cover Blurb -
Built for death…altered by love.

When the world convulsed under the burden of overpopulation, hardly anyone noticed a few girls going missing. Turned against her will into something out of a horror movie, Anna was one of those girls. But she learns to control the hungry monster she has become, and she gets out.
After orchestrating the escape from the secret lab, Anna leads a faction of freed vampires and searches for a peaceful balance between human society and her new family. Then she meets Grant.

Grant walks into Anna’s world unafraid, looking for adventure, on a quest for something to believe in, something to fight for.

But love is a complication Anna can’t afford. Not when she’s in a power struggle with a rival group of vampires and another laboratory in another prison has been discovered. Except Grant won’t be pushed away easily.

Anna needs all the vampires to work together to take down the laboratory, and the leader of the rival faction has shown a deadly interest in Grant.

Product Warnings
Contains a reluctant vampire and a hero who doesn’t hesitate to step into the danger zone to be with her

The world is in turmoil and amidst all the chaos, young Anna has gone missing. While her parents frantically search for their missing daughter, young Anna finds herself at the center of human experimentation. With no memory of who she is or where she is from and forced to face the reality of the horrors she has committed and the monster she has become, Anna and the other test subjects set out to right the wrong that was done to them and stop it from happening to anyone else.

I really, really wanted to enjoy this book, I really tried, but I just couldn't. Though not a fan of Twilight, I do like other Teenage Vampire books, such as Vampire Academy and The House of Night Series, so when I came across this book, I was really excited. The blurb looked promising and it looked to be a little darker and edgier than the others and I love darker and edgier. The first few chapters were really good and my hopes were high, but then about 25% into the book, my hopes and interest in the book took a nose dive and by 50% I was ready to give up. I pushed myself through and forced myself to finish reading to see if it would pique my interest again, but it never did and really only got worse the more I read.

The concept of the story is really quiet unique and could really make for a great read, but the characters and dialogue in this story ruined any chance there was for me to enjoy this. After reading Thoughtless, I really have a low tolerance for characters that blush a lot, though any extremely repetitive action performed by a character will tend to annoy me, but blushing is really my Achilles heel and can ruin almost any book for me. Unfortunately, Grant, our male protagonist in this book, had a blushing problem and it made it impossible for me to like him. I daresay though, that even without the blushing, I would not have liked his character, he was weak and bland and forgettable. Honestly, none of the characters resonated with me at all, but least of all Grant and Anna.
The other issue I found myself having with this book, was the dialogue. It felt formal and unnatural and was uncomfortable to read at times. The constant use of the characters first names within the dialogue was driving me insane. For example: Note, these are not actual quotes from the book, but merely a sample as to what I am referring.

"Hi Anna, how are you?"
"I'm fine Grant, how are you?"
"I'm great Anna, thanks for asking."
"No problem Grant. I trust you slept well?"
"Yes Anna, I did. Especially with you by my side," Grant replies while blushing.
"Oh Grant, you are so funny."

So yeah, you get the idea, it drove me nuts!

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this read to anyone. A few younger readers, 13 or under, might enjoy this book, however, due to a few intimate and violent scenes, it may not be age appropriate for them either.

Happy Reading, until next time...

I would like to thank NetGalley for the ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.

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