Saturday, April 25, 2015

Forever the One by Rochelle French

2.5 "I've Read it Before" Stars 

 Back Cover Blurb -
Years ago, Sadie Courant had been the frizzy-haired twerp next door. Now she’s drop-dead gorgeous and has, well...uh...breasts. It’s no wonder Broadway director Ethan Sawyer doesn’t recognize his best friend’s little sister when he sees her again.
Sadie has been in love with Ethan since she was in braces. So when he fails to recognize her at the bachelor auction she’s organized, she flips. Sure, she looks a little different now, what with the boobs and a little help from a flat iron, but really?
Deciding she needs to get the man out of her system, Sadie negotiates a way for Ethan to make up for his mistake: a one-night stand. She figures after they do the deed, he’ll head back to New York and she’ll finally be able to let go. But when Ethan has to move back to the small town of Meadowview and work side-by-side with Sadie, she realizes she couldn’t be more wrong about the letting go part of her plan. Because Ethan has and always will be…forever the one.

Forever the One is your typical little cutesy, love story. Girl crushes on guy, guy doesn’t return those feelings. Girl grows up and still crushes on guy, guy doesn’t recognize the girl. Guy finally recognizes girl and gives her one passionate night and girl fights to keep guy. It’s the same story line that we have all heard or read about one time or another with nothing really spectacular to make it stand out.

With the amount of books that I happily devour daily, it typically takes something really special and often times different to make me sit up and really take notice. I don’t mind reading “tired” or “played out” themes, as long as the author is able to make it their own, write it well and give the book a personality worth getting to know. Unfortunately, this one fell flat on two of the categories. The book is well written, it just didn’t stand out or give me anything I haven’t already heard before.

Now, to be fair, I need to stress my earlier point…I read a lot…like, a lot, a lot. Normally around 2 novels a day. Now, that could be considered light reading to some, but if that is the case, then you definitely know what I am talking about when I say that something has to be really good to stand out in the crowd, because anything less than almost perfection quickly becomes forgettable. So, often times there are books that are pretty good, maybe even really good that I have read, but they will still only get a 2-3 star rating from me, because it’s the great and fantastic books that I read, the ones that really stand out, that I give my 4 and 5 stars to. So, with all that being said, this is a good book…meaning, there wasn’t anything that I hated about it and I did not cause anyone or anything physical damage while reading the book. I’m sure that a majority of you would find it an ok/good book and I was entertained while I was reading it, but when I was done with it, I was on to the next book without a thought or lingering feeling about it, it just didn’t stand out.

Overall, no, this is not a book that I would recommend. Those looking for a quick, cutesy love story will likely enjoy this book, but those looking for something a bit more profound, or those who really like their reads to be more memorable (like I do), this one is not going to be for you. 

Happy reading, until next time…

I would like to thank NetGalley and Bloomfield Publishing for the ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.  

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