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Hate F*@k: Part Three by Ainsley Booth

4 "Only For the Naughty" Stars

Back Cover Blurb -
In the blink of an eye, everything changed, and I can’t pretend I don’t need Cole anymore.
He’s my heart and soul, but he’s shut me out, and I’m scared.

Keeping Hailey at arms’ length used to be an annoying challenge. Now it’s a matter of life and death.
I want vengeance. And then I want Hailey to be mine, forever.


“How am I this lucky?  He literally saves my life and lets me grope him to my heart’s content.  I’m done feeling sorry for myself.”

I would first like to take this opportunity to have a moment of silence, as we say good-bye to Hailey and Cole, as this book brings an end to the beloved Hate F*@k series.         … *sniffle*…     

Okay, now let’s get down to business.  My rating of this last installment is actually my final rating of the series as a whole, because let’s be real, all three installments are fairly short and together, they would make one kick-ass novel.  According to the author, she wrote them in serial installments, because that is how they read to her, more mini-series-ish and who are we to judge how an author feels her work should be delivered? Not me.  Okay, actually I did and I do and I would have MUCH preferred all three of these in one book, but I’m happy regardless of how they came out and Ms. Booth has said that all three will be available in ONE paperback this summer, so YAY…a book I will definitely be adding to my bookshelf once available and one you should be adding as well!


“Is this an orgy?  I regret not discussing hard limits before, because if I’m going to have group sex, I don’t think I want any skinny blondes involved.  Which probably isn’t fair to them, but I’m feeling kind of fragile.”

I’ll start this review, just like I did my other reviews of the last two books.  If you are sensitive to sexual material, then you need to be warned…there is a lot of it in this book and it is very, VERY detailed, so please take that into consideration before reading this series.  I’m typically pretty immune when it comes to reading “smutty” novels, I tend to have a “if you’ve read about one quivering member, then you’ve read about them all” kind of mentality, but even I managed to blush a few times while reading this, so fair warning and also, this is NOT a stand-alone book.  You will need to read both books one and two to understand anything that is really going on in three and I recommend that you read them all back to back.

It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of the first installment of this series and sadly I had my hopes and expectations unexpectedly dashed on the second one.  So, I promised myself that I wouldn’t get too hyped about the release of this one in order not to set my expectations up too high and I think that worked really well for me.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally stalked Ms. Booth on Facebook and was CONSTANTLY checking for the release date of this book, but hey, I’m a complete fan-girl, it’s what we do – I couldn’t help it.   Okay, Hate F*@k: Part Three picks up immediately where part two left off, so if you are having problems remembering that huge cliff hanger at the end of book two, re-read the last few pages before starting this one, because things get right down to business in the beginning of this one.  I won’t get into much detail about what this book is actually about (don’t want to give away any spoilers), so instead I want to comment on the writing style and ending of the book/series. 


“Oh God.  My sister wants to be spanked by my bodyguard.  This is unacceptable.  Like I said, I totally get it.”

Though I really enjoyed reading this last installment and found myself pretty satisfied with the way things ended, I did feel like this last installment was a bit rushed.  I wanted a full-hour, no commercial break, series finale – instead I felt like I got a 30-minute, commercial laden, episode…regardless, I still loved it and the series as a whole is fantastic.  Ms. Booth has an unapologetic, in your face, sexually detailed writing style and though I found myself skipping past a few of the more detailed scenes, the ones I did read are steamy and HOT…the “you may want to keep a set of fresh panties nearby while reading this” kind of hot, so be ready. 

“Who am I kidding?  He always has the upper hand.  All I can do is hold on for dear life.”

Something else important that I feel needs to be addressed, is that each of these books alone are an easy and quick read, so you should not find yourself overly perplexed or binge drinking vodka (or your poison of choice) at eight in the morning due to book induced anxiety or stress (I KNOW I can’t be the ONLY one that this happens to!).  With so many of the books that I have read as of late, it seems a common theme amongst a lot of them is to shock and awe its readers into such a state, that we either have a 'rage the complete fuck out' episode and fuel our alcoholic (or whatever vice) tendencies or it wants to turn us into some completely unmanageable beastly brute…or all of the above and that is something that is quickly becoming tiresome and overplayed in my mind.  It’s nice to finally read something that still evokes emotions from me, without trying to cripple me emotionally and/or send me completely over the edge via mental breakdown.  Often times our reality is grizzly enough without having a fictional scenario or world tear us down further.   


“Cole leans over me and kisses me hard on the lips.  “I’ll know the difference, and if I don’t, let’s use Jason as a safe word.”  I let out a watery “Ha”.  Yep, that would stop pretty much any sexy times on a dime.  “Deal.”

The Hate F*@k Series, is a delightfully dirty and deliciously fun journey that everyone should enjoy and experience.  Filled with humor, loveable characters and creative writing, I found this complete series to be a win-win amongst all the competitors out there.  Who doesn’t like sexy and fun?

Overall, I LOVED this series.  I would absolutely recommend it to everyone to read.  As I said though, if overly sexual or sexually detailed books are not your forte, then this series will not be for you.  Those readers out there that enjoy erotic romance books with a slice of humor and a slice of sass, then this series should rank right up there with your favorites, as it does with mine!

Happy reading, until next time…

I would like to thank NetGalley and the author Ainsley Booth for the ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.

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