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One Percenter by D. R. Graham

4 "Don't Tell Me What to Do" Stars

One Percenter

Back Cover Blurb -

99% of bikers obey the law. The other 1% make their own...
Eighteen-year-old Tienne Desrochers grew up in the rough world of the Noir et Bleu Motorcycle Club. Bikers. Family. Outlaws. But after her dad's murder, Tienne decides she's had enough. She refuses to end up like her drug-addicted mom. So she grabs her younger brother and leaves it all behind...including her boyfriend, Aiden Gyllenhall.

More comfortable in the middle of a bar fight than at a country club, living with her wealthy aunt and uncle is an adjustment, to say the least. No swearing. Designer shoes that pinch. And charming corporate types like Leland Crofton instead of super-sexy, tattooed Aiden. But even the upper class can't escape the toxic touch of underworld violence. And this time, Tienne won't just learn who she really is—she'll learn who has her back.

Book #1 in the Noir et Bleu Motorcycle Club series


As the old adage goes, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” But is it really?

Growing up with absent parents and under the thumb of the notorious Noir et Bleu Motorcycle Club, Tienne Desrochers has only ever known heartache and brutality. As the sole provider for her and her brother Cooper, Tienne dreams of a better life and that chance comes in the form of her Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Blaine. Not being one who likes being told what to do though, living the life as a socialite and rubbing elbows with the upper crust of society is not easy, especially when the man she loves, Aiden Gyllenhall, is the son of the President of the MC she wants no part of and walked away from.

It needs to be said that I am a SUCKER for a good Motorcycle Club story. I’m an SOA junky and have fantasies of riding off into the sunset on the back of a bike, with my arms tucked securely around my man, while he is wearing his leather cut. Now, I know that things are not always rosy and romantic when it comes to Motorcycle Clubs and One Percenter is a stark reminder of that.

When the glitzy and glamorous world of social elitist and the dark, dangerous world of Motorcycle Club life collide, no one is safe, least of all Tienne and if she plans to make it out alive and with her heart intact, hard choices have to be made and the repercussions could be deadly.

One Percenter is a reminder that no matter where you go and no matter what you leave behind, no one is ever really safe. Everyone has their dark secrets and their own demons in the closet, so sometimes running to the greener pastures from the devil you know, is not always good as it seems.

While reading this book, I found myself getting very agitated with Tienne and her selfish behavior, but I had to remind myself that she really is only just a young girl and trying to survive in a world that hasn’t been kind to her. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that loves a good story with a little bit of mystery and a lot of heart.

As for me I’m already planning my wedding to Gylly, he had me at hello.

Happy reading and until next time…

I would like to thank NetGalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for the ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.

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